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Lymbic - Transparallel
Single. 2020
Lymbic - Mt. Splashmore
Single. 2020
Mt. Splashmore
Lymbic - Planet
EP. Mar 2020
Lymbic - Synchros
Single. Jan 2020
Lymbic - 1303
Single. Dec 2019
Lymbic is the musi­cal alias of Berlin-based elec­tronic art­ist and pro­ducer Chris­toph Herr­mannHe first be­gan play­ing music as singer and guitar­ist of a punk band when he was a teen­agerDu­ring his stu­dies of Vi­sual Com­mu­nica­tion he dis­covered the possi­bili­ties of elec­tronic music pro­duc­tionSince then he com­bines elec­tronic and acous­tic instru­ments to create his orga­nic soundHe is part of the trio »Herren von Zzet« and works as a free­lance de­signer and art director
Lymbic - Transparallel
»Rhythmic run over damp moss. Crack­ling under­growth. Crys­tals in water. Alien planet. Be­tween echo and re­verb out into the thicket. Be­hind it is Lymbic. Beat­ing the elec­tri­fied ear­drum. Feed­ing the coch­lea with psy­che­de­lic mush­rooms. You wake up with an ear­worm in your hair.«
Werner W. Werner